Computer Repairs

We offer repairs, replacements and services on most hardware ans software related issues. We are not limited to computers and have experience with home automation, mobile devices (software), servers, cameras and some electronic security devices. Just ask us and we will either help you with the issue or find someone who can. We have multiple businesses that work in conjunction with us and our clients. Feel free to ask about the services that our other clients offer.


We supply Hardware and Software on multiple platforms and for multiple uses from computers to robotic vacuum cleaners, Android devices and smart watches. We offer basic software as well as specialised programs. Just contact us and we will do our very best to get you what you need at the best prices.

Home solutions

If you need home internet, a new gaming machine, a console or a printer. If you need your sound system connected to your smart tv and your Netflix set up for you. We can and will do it all. From security system integration to installing your new Smart doorbell with video interface. All you have to do is contact us.

Business Solutions

We offer installations, set ups and custom build solutions for your business. Three story factory, no problem. Safari lodge, Shopping Mall or Home Office. We do it all. From Internet connectivity through to Server supplies and even printers. Would you like a robot vacuum cleaner or a smart watch with that? Just let us know and we will sort it out. Monthly service agreements are also available and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Remote Support

Download Anydesk now

Click on the link above to start the download.

Once the download is complete, if the installation does not start automatically, double-click the installation icon in your downloads folder.

Anydesk is a remote access program that will allow us to help clients.

Anydesk must remain open while the connection is being used and the computer must have an internet connection.

We will require the number that is given to you in the top left corner when you open Anydesk. 

If your problem is with your internet connection, please contact us via whats app and we will try and help you that way.



Tech Support


We offer remote support, telephonic support, in-house and onsite support. We will always be there to help, no matter the problem. We are the AAA of the Techno-world.